Differences in the special course rules will be notified on the black board in the Clubhouse.

Biotopes are marked with green headed poles and aren’t allowed to enter.
White-Green: Out-Biotope
Red-Green: Water hazard-Biotope
Blue-Green: Ground under repair

If Dropping Areas are available, they must be used.

Barns, Roads and Power wires are non-movable barriers. When the ball hits a power wire it must be played impunity.

The white marked poles and fences are the Out barriers. The club house terrace and the parking lawn are in the Out zone. According to rule 13-1 f are the green and pre green including.

Average play time will be max. 4 hours.

The position of the flags are:
Red flag: the first part of the third green
Yellow flag: middle part of the third green
White flag: Last part of the third green

Marked signs:
Black\ white: 200m
Yellow\ white: 150m
Red\ White: 100m